One-of-a-kind, handcrafted textiles that intertwine a modern vision with traditional skills. Eco-conscious, ethical and sustainable artisan pieces, designed to be treasured and to stand the passing of time.

In my creations, I seek to capture the beautiful and mesmerising simplicity of the universal and age-old technique of loom weaving. The rhythmicality of the process itself lulls me into a meditative state, giving rise to inspiration that ensures each unique work seamlessly and naturally flows into the next.

Completely absorbed in my practice, I manage to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, free of any ties beyond those of my own vision and creativity.

Esporles (Serra de Tramuntana – Mallorca)


Mariana Murabito, born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. With a degree in graphic design and illustration, she focused her field of work as a visual communicator both online (digital) and offline (print). In 2000, she settled on the bright island of Mallorca.

During her career as a designer, she spent part of her time researching and learning traditional embroidery and loom weaving techniques. She then found the opportunity to adapt these techniques to her creative needs and while the rhythmic process of weaving allows her time for contemplation it’s a motivation in itself, each work and each material will lead naturally to another one finding inspiration in the process of making. This way, simply, with abstraction as an aesthetic goal and using very old techniques that involve precision and time, she lets her intuition flow, avoiding any formal limitations.

She tries to evoke impressions such as sensuality, austerity, silence, minimalism, joy, loneliness, freedom…and likes to think that she had chosen one of the oldest technologies used by man, wishing that the flame will never die out.

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